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Government - Higher Education Department

Help you build nation by creating educated, skilled and productive youth with equity and inclusion


Government - Higher Education Department

Higher Education offers progress to a more efficient economy, improvement in people's lives, and contributions to a more stable society. Government plays an important role in devising policies and providing the required support including infrastructure and funding to ensure the successful implementation of the policies. Many governments worldwide focus on investing in higher education to:

  • Expand institutional base of higher education by supporting existing institutions to increase their capacity and establishing new institutions. Provide greater opportunities and ease of access to higher education with equity to all the eligible persons and in particular to the vulnerable sections.

  • Initiate policies and programs for strengthening research and innovations, and encourage institutions to engage in stretching the frontiers of knowledge.

  • Device policies, provide funds and promote academic reforms for improving efficiency, relevance and creativity in Higher Education.

To support and further enhance the initiatives Government in Higher Education Department, we provide an education technology platform to connect all the higher education institutions across the state or country for enhancing education, equipping students with industry-required skills through online skill courses and internships, and supporting fresh graduates with job placements. By implementing uLektz Campus, the Higher Education Department of State/country can:

  • Have a cloud-based edtech platform with white-labelled Mobile App in the name of the Higher Education Department of State/country for enhancing education, skills and careers.

  • Have all the colleges and universities enabled with a unified Learning Management System creating a level-playing field for equity and inclusion.

  • Have access to all the profiles of students, educators and institutions across the state or country.

  • Stay connected and communicate with any specific individual or group of students, educators and institutions through instant messaging.

  • Help colleges and universities drive academic effectiveness, improve operational efficiencies and ensure students success.

  • Provide students and faculty members an ease of access to digital learning resources - ebooks, videos, lecture notes, PPT presentations, online journals, etc.

  • Help students and faculty members with skilling, up-skilling and re-skilling through online skill courses with certifications.

  • Help connect students with industry professionals and support them with internship and job placements opportunities.

  • Support all the higher education institutions across the state or country to enable digital education and stay ahead of education transformation challenges.

  • Plan and implement specific policies for higher education more effectively and also take instant feedback from the concerned stakeholders.

Ensuring that they are implemented Higher Education is the gateway to many facets of sustainable development of a country, and world as a whole. Many governments focus on investing in higher education to create educated, skilled and productive workforce leading to create more opportunities for advancements. bright economic security.

Government plays a vital role in creating the required infrastructure to realize the fullest potential of higher education through planning, policies and funding Governments.

Learning Management System